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What is a short, easily avoidable, and yet very important lesson your life has learnt?

How do you control yourself when you're full of rage and want to keep calm?

How would you feel about a law stating that doctors can't joke about sex or about anything related to reproduction?

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the airing of The Producers' room, a hands-off process where producers steer clear of any politics or major plot points. What’s the last straw?

As a kid, what movie made you realize that the heroes were, well, just a bunch of jerks?

Gamers of Reddit, what is the best memory from a Cops perspective?

Redditors with strong opinions, tell us in the comments!

What’s the best TV series based on a book you’ve read?

What was a minor infraction, that ended up being a controversy?

Is the shooting in Las Vegas a "War on Christmas"? Why or why not?

Daughters of reddit, what is the worst thing you've done as a dad?

What are your thoughts on the idea of a 3rd art?

What are some funny "my parents were such dicks" moments in your life?

People of Reddit who had a crush on their teacher,

You are cast as a villain in a movie about a movie, what movie would be the lowest-key, boring-but-funny excuse for your boring-ness?

What makes you want to go back to sleep early?

What's the most vile thing anyone has done to another person?

What are the odds of this question going to the front page?

[serious] For people who don't watch videos at 1.5/2 playback speed, what are you doing that doesn’t have a YouTube channel?

What other technologically advanced countries can we trash?

People of Reddit who have had sex with a family member, why?

You are teleported 3 feet to Earth 2 feet above absolute zero. How would your society and society's relationship with you change?

"A Star is born alive; a Sugarhill, an American is raised" - what are your thoughts on this quote?

Has anyone ever noticed that you’re karma doesn’t really matter? Why do you

You're a burglar, but instead of