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If purchasing a ticket to a movie was like purchasing a car, what would the movie's license plates be?

Actors, what is the best audition you ever got ?

What are your favorites lines from anime?

Your username is now your breed. Which means that if you were to breed a dog that spoke Russian, it would speak Russian. What would it speak?

When most people think of hot chocolate, they think either 12 or 13; however. after experiencing a real hot chocolate, people have really got going. What is your memorable experience with a real hot chocolate?

Step right up your alley. Have you ever used a lever when stepping out of the way of the main character? What was it like?

What’s a song everyone should know but doesn’t?

What is something about your country you're actually really happy about?

Gay Redditors, what is your relationship with your sexuality?

Men of Reddit, what’s something important you think women would benefit from more than ever?

People of Reddit that support Trump and are voting for him, why?

Which comedy was funnier when it was a sketch?

What's your go-to "joke" that you always see people make fun of?

What are some of the creepiest declassified government documents you can find online?

Americans, what is something you like about your country?

Can we please stop with the porn memes?

What were the pros and cons of reddit, without ads

People of reddit who have heard the burning house analogy, how many times do you think it has been used?

What does a sexual experience feel like? Positive or negative?

People of Reddit that are on their third or fourth marriage, what was the awkward moment that made you realize you were a marriage and third marriage was a bit of a stretch?

We've all seen a friend's reaction when they find out their father isn't around anymore:

What is one thing you would absolutely not do for a million dollars?

What’s the most fucked up thing Flat Earther’s brought up in arguments?

Redditors of Reddit, how would you feel about a "Robot War" between Reddit and Adult Swim?

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