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What are some interesting historical events that are sure to outrage Americans

What's a great excuse to use when calling out of work?

What is the best online "turnkey" solution to your online shopping problem?

Whats a great movie to binge watch over and over again?

What fact amuses you about people?

The war on drugs has been a war on drugs, but what other classes of drugs have we neglected?

What would you do if you

What can an overused word like 'are' do for your life?

Nickelodeon just hired you to write a Sponge Bob sequel. What do you do with all that free time?

You are suddenly 10 feet to your right, how did you do that?

People who are able to communicate with dolphins: what

How do you guys feel about the VA shooting, and Cops getting back to work?

What does your Reddit username represent?

What's the most meaningful thing someone has done for you?

How do you feel about Skeletor?

People who hate you now, why?

How would you feel about mandatory drug testing to get Medicare/Medicaid and Food Stamps?

Our team of lawyers is triaging through a few Black Lives Matter T-Shirts, when we spot a racist Facebook post. What do we do?

What is your horrible, game breaking mistake of making when first starting out?

Just read about how horrible it is to be dead?

If your username causes death by copulation, how does it feel?

Girls of reddit, what are some NSFW details about your feelings towards your crush?

Dear Scientists, What's the Most Dangerous Idea You've Had That Was Actually Tried?

What do you think is the ultimate hokey story?

How do you guys feel about KSI instead of Bill Russell?