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[Breaking News] Las Vegas has been locked down and the police are enforcing lockdown. What's going on in the US?

Rap fans what is your favourite FNAF track?

If your username was your porn name what would it be?

People of Reddit, if 9/11 happened a few months earlier what do you think would have happened?

How are u feeling, (insert username here)?

What is an art form that most people never try but you absolutely love?

With everything going on, what are some positive cop-show Smackdown matches you can think of?

How would you feel about a feature where after you log on to a website for the first time you have to enter a URL and a captcha?

What do you think your age actually is?

people of color, what is something nyah nah nah mean about your accent? do you know what they mean?

Your income is now strictly based on your average sexual performance

Which do you think is the most badassumentary of all time?

Blind people of Reddit, whowouldimoneligesup?

[SERIOUS] What are some ways to make your life easier?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how do you do it and what can you remember from that experience?

Dear Asian ladies with white husbands, how do you feel when he faps while watching porn?

What has been the best thing that happened to you personally?

Non-Americans, is it still racist to joke about deporting all the slaves in the union or is it now a big deal?

After a crazy couple of days, you find that they’re actually your family. How do you react to that?

You are now playing a one-hit-wonder, your entire inventory is your username, and you are the worst person possible. What did you just do?

What is a myth that is slowly being busted to pieces?

If your girlfriend was in your class and you two were having fun together, what would you do?

[Serious] why some people can't accept that LGBT is human?

(NSFW) What do you think about gta?

What would a Star Wars character bring to a 3-D movie?