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What are some songs that are both pretty and/or pretty awful?

[serious] What’s something you can say during sex but can also say at family dinner?

What is the coolest urban myth that you can think up?

You are the opposite gender version of an ex. How do you make up with your new found fame?

You’re dating a gorgeous girl, you are paired with a different girl, who will only be seen on show 4 and 5, what will the game be between you two?

What's one thing you wish you had when you were younger?

What interests you way more than the news?

What’s the best way you’ve seen someone struggle with something?

What were the ...

Why don't you do the opposite?

How would you feel about a new generation of space simulators (like simpilot or simp storm) that would simulate space sim

What is your favourite part of the movie "Taken" and why?

What are the most interesting “whats up” posts on Reddit?

People who read the terms and conditions...

People who get away with it. Why?

What if @realDonaldTrump doesn't get re-elected?

Americans, what has been your reaction to the riots in your country?

What actor is the most likely to snap?

Americans... what do

What game are you nostalgic for?

If you were the enemy what would you do?

Reddit, if you believe government should pay for your education why don't you become a government official and get the money?

Redditors with light fingered hands, how do you do that?

What were your personal experiences of a miracle from the turn of the century to the present day?

What would you think of a podcast, where each week's episode is a book, with each new installment being a new series of the same name?