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Frail old men of reddit, how are you holding up with all the emojis and all the posts?

Smart people of reddit, what are you doing so your friends know you

You're offered the chance to have sex with any celebrity (any gender) in history (naturally). Which one would it be?

What movie would be a lot shorter if the main character just went on a killing spree?

And I'm getting a freaking post for this post… ?

The last thing you go online for is where you are, what you did, and what was it?

So...what are some horrible sideshows that you found when looking for a good name?

What would you do if your penis had a talk with you?

[serious] What are some great answers to this r/AskReddit question?

Girls, what's the most romantic thing guys have ever done to you?

What were you doing as a kid that you still think of fondly?

What advice would you give to a 22 year old who is about to start a porno business?

What are some front-page lies of modern media?

If white people aren't calling for the end to white privilege, how can we expect other groups to elevate their consciousness levels?

What's a Song So Bad It's Good?

NSFW My ex is angrily blocking all of my photos of them from seeing each other (pictures and videos) because they broke up with me

Small businesses that sell alcohol to minors, do you also sell alcohol to adults?

Why can’t people agree that you are doing enough by not being racist?

Which Smack-Dude songs are in your opinion?

which video game has the best story?

What are you really good at, but hate to brag about?

(Serious) Which movie could have been rewritten?

What is something that people think is funny but you just don't buy?

Redditors who have woken up in the middle of the night, what was the most amazing thing you found in your bedroom?

I am an immigrant to the United States. As such, when I open the mail to find that it contains photos of American customs, customs agents, and military personnel, even though I am an American, I get extremely aggravated.