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What do you think will happen to the USA in 2020 and beyond?

By Sam Mansour

Whats a weird YouTube clip that you used to watch as a child?

Redditors with young children, what would you like them to put in their "to-do" list from now on?

What are some good short story collections?

How do you guys feel about The Last Airbender?

What was the most misread line of a book you've ever heard ?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how do you do it? Do you ever look at yourself one day and think you are a photographer, but the next day you are a computer screen?

What’s a good name for a 'rape culture' awareness movement?

What is your favorite F-bomb joke?

What’s the best way you’ve ever felt about someone else getting some "FAR" (First Fuck Awesome) Karma?

Reddit, what are you doing that doesn't have reddit?

What are some of the stupidest ways someone has approached you?

If George R. R. Martin had written the Harry Potter books, how would it be different?

If you could pick one item from this year to use in a commercial, what would it be?

Posted: 16 November 2014

What are some things that give rise to 'white privilege' for some people?

Comet ISON was spotted flying over the Earth on November 15, 2012. The last image seen was captured on December 18, 2012. What's your favourite image from this celestial drama?

If you think a culture war is taking place, think again. How do you think a culture war would play out?

Black Mirror's Derek Vee and Ed Harris join forces to create a full fledged clone war movie?

What do you think about the Trump administration's response to the Ferguson protests?

People who accidentally post offensive or embarrassing photos on Instagram, why?

After reading so many good quality video games recently, how can a group of normal people enjoy a great game?

When did you first encounter Oedipus?

With all the negative press around college right now, it can be difficult to find a positive to post about. What should everyone take from this tragedy?