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Guys of reddit, what female celebrity's appearance is highly exaggerated?

Should Germans find it "politically incorrect" to say that the Holocaust was a "detail"?

You are sent back to the day a pro makes a bad pick, but with all the luck a pick would be a perfect

What's something you have done as a child that you still do to this day?

What would be the purpose up voting but turning it down would be ?

"People tend

What do you consider to be "great literature"?

What is the best example of the "you weren't" trope?

What are some catchy pop culture mnemonics?

Why are you so overrated?

what stupid question would you add to the end of this survey?

What did your crush do that made you say "ugh..."?

I'm in my (walk-in) closet while my brother and his fiance are 'having fun' in my room. I can see them. They haven't started anything yet. When they start fucking what should i do?

Students who had been raped, how was your experience?

Rabbits of Reddit, what is the funniest story about a turned on rabbit?

Lawyers of Reddit, what is one of the most ridiculous things a defendant has done in court?

What makes you really, really horny?

Law enforcement officers of Reddit who have been involved in hostage situations, what's the most bizarre thing you've seen?

What's something you did that actually made a world of difference?

What's your favorite family member to have an intimate knowledge of?

What's the best meal your grandmother ever made?

Why people still defend and defend against 'White Lives Matter' and how it's not just a bunch of crock-heads but also a bunch of white knights?

Why is it that when someone tells you a movie is going to be emotional for them, you usually

What was your stupidest moment in life?

Your username is your only weapon in an encounter with an angry mob. what weapon do you choose to fend them off?