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What are you doing all weekend long?

What is a "thing" you did that people felt bad about but you didn’t?

A woman was critically injured in a drive-by shooting in Texas on Wednesday, authorities said.

* Perpetrator who killed KJ, how do you feel now?

People with less than a year left to live, what’s your worst day?

Police in USA have been criticised for using excessive force on black people. Now they have to deal with racist whites. What changes will be needed to deal with white racism in the near future?

What is the best fap story you know?

People of Reddit that get mad over rickrolls, why do you do it?

People who dont express their feelings, what are you thinking about?

Redditors who are married to someone with an identical twin: what is the most loving thing your family has done for each other?

First why is the sun unsigned? Second why is the sky blue?

Men of Reddit, if you suddenly became the opposite sex but kept your mojo up, how would you react?

How do I tell my girlfriend that she smells bad?

If someone stole your voice inside out how would you react to that person?

It's July 20, 2065. The election results are reversed: Democrat George McGovern leads Republican Richard Nixon by just 1 percentage point. What new technology will the future bring?

What’s one stupid thing your parent has said?

Women with penises, how different is it than being a male Karen?

People who move large trucks with no stopping or accelerating, how the fuck do you do it?

[serious] What is something you personally would do to change the current immigration system?

What are your thoughts on e-cigarettes and intelligent design?

[serious] what was ur happiest moment?

African Americans of reddit: what are some positive aspects of being an African American in America?

why don’t you use google?

People of reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), what is your life like? How do you look forward to your birthday?

What’s the best way you’ve seen a coworker's expressed frustration get under control?