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Have you ever been in a sexual situation and the guy just went ahead and did it anyway? What was the situation, how did you react, etc?

What is something that you think is pretty fucked up, but nobody believes you?

What kinds of medical conditions would be covered by a Silver tax?

What does anyone

People who were declared "mentally defective" due to the lack of progress made during the war, whats your story?

Vietnam, April the 13th Movement - How have you seen people respond to them?

How would you feel about a commission to readjust the default sex positions in your house so that it becomes sex positivity day?

I was at a beach in Hawaii yesterday, and all I saw were American flags, no Hawaii flag. What do you think

What could someone who is incapable of having a meaningful conversation with themselves ask for?

What are some of the creepiest declassified government documents you can find?

[serious] do-not-interact-wtf questions...

How do you know you are not a child anymore?

Why do most people hate small towns?

A British company is making a film based on the Harry Potter books and it’s called 'Potter'. What are some of the problems with it?

what kind of questions would you ask an 8 year old with no social skills how he or she would explain the world to you?

FYI, I just told my girlfriend that I found her naked in my bedroom, and that I had sex with her...

At what age did you start noticing similarities between yourself and other people's personalities?

[SERIOUS] How does a boy get a girlfriend?

who is worse, Hitler or Gaddafi?

What would be the Most Trendy Quiz Question that you can think of that no one will ever know?

What is your dad's best meal?

What's with all these videos featuring cute animals?

What are some really underrated good bands to listen to when in a bad mood?

Why do you think that the number of people on earth is continually growing and changing?

How would you feel about making college education free for everyone in the US?