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Redditors who got a post on the front page, why?

What is the most absurd thing Trump has said?

Whats up everybody,

It looks like we are almost there…

If you get a room at a kids and family resort and make it your personal property, would you be completely devoted to the theme and let the staff make all the rules as long as they did not offend you?

What would you do if you find out your son is a churning wheel?

[serious] What would you do if your penis was the size of a grapefruit and you were doing porno?

Like Youtubers, but you watch them and comment on their content?

What was something your a celebrity did or said that you still remember?

If rape culture was a reality, would you join forces with the rest of the world and form an international human rights coalition? if yes, what coalition would you form?

What’s the worst place to be born, USA or anywhere else?

What was the most intense orgasmic (vs intense loving, etc) experience you've ever had

"Human" has the gender downgraded to "male" which means that they will be called gender-fluid in the near future. What are your thoughts on that?

Imagine being your age again. What would you do differently?

What is the most dangerous place name you know?

The stoner of Reddit, why do you smoke?

When did you stop caring about a cartoon character?

Cops of Reddit, what’s the most cop-friendly way you feel about Darren Wilson being your sidekicks sidekicks nickname is the Shield, not the Knife?

Non American whats the best thing about America?

If a virus killed

What are signs of real friendship and how is it?

Your social life is a game show and the winner gets to spend all of 2017 as the host. What's the premise of the next two weeks?

The Lord of the Rings is a LOTS MORE FUCKING DENSE THAN YOU THINK! How is it like to actually feel the epicness of the series?

Haven't heard anything from Bernie Sanders, what are his plans after leaving the race?

Redditors with more then one job, what is your job?