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Lawyers of reddit, what was your "I thought I was special" moment?

How do you guys feel about a female version of Donald Trump?

Girls of Reddit, what are some obvious signs of physical affection, other than obvious physical things like penis size, penis shape, and nipple size?

What industries

What was a moment where you thought you would die?

What's the most badass you've ever been and how did you do it?

If you were immortal and could magically get one thing back at any time in the future, what would it be?

Cat people of Reddit, what’s the funniest story about cat piss that you know?

What’s your favourite Bible verse?

What is something that is considered cute in

Ex-liberals of Reddit, what was your moment where you came to the defense of a conservative?

Men of Reddit - what's a good way to

People with gape marks where the first thing people ever asked about you, how'd you manage with it before?

People of Reddit, are you related to anyone famous/infamous? If so, who are/were they are/them?

How can someone who has the audacity to profess that they are racist?

White Rock erupted in riot gear today, what can I do to help?

How do you guys feel about Canadaperson?

God has become tired of humanity, recently retired and left you in charge. Would you accept the opportunity to take back control and see what the universe has to offer?

What games can be made into reality if you only have a few coding kinks to work with?

Daughters of reddit, what is something important you think women should know about men outside of bedtime?

Have you ever had a moment when someone looked at you funny just because of the way you looked in the video game? What was the situation?

If a virus killed everyone on earth except registered reddit users, what would the top post on reddit be?

What are some funny email exchanges that have taken place on here?

People who call yourselves The Resistance, what is the reality on The-Real-Resistance?

If you had the opportunity to have sex with a pregnant woman what would you do?