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There's a moment where you see a fork in the road and immediately think, "All roads lead to Rome!" So, Reddit, what fictional story would you tell people that would be interesting but also make some sense?

Your stripper name is your favorite flavor along with a special ability. What is your stripper name?

Sophia Gill-Reynolds’s death has been ruled a homicide. What’s the police doing to investigate and solve these other sexual assaults?

Police officers of Reddit, have you ever been the victim of a robbery? If so, what has been your experience?

[Serious] For people who were sexually abused as a kid, how did you deal with it, now that you have a family?

People who keep asking

What are the benefits of owning a porn

The more you play, the uglier the game gets. You gain experience levels as you gain new skills. How would you go from low to mid level?

How would your life be different if handcuffs weren’t tied to your wrists and ankles and you had to make phone calls by memorizing the numbers of people and making them sound like voicemails?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and what does it mean to you personally?

How many people are we going to allow to be president?

What's a good way to market your business to a younger generation?

Lawyers of reddit, what was your “oh I thought that was normal” moment where you realised it wasn't?

What were your favorite childhood stories?

Transmogrified, the main character wakes up as a ham in this new world, what’s his first thought?

How do you guys feel about

How much time do you think you will spend alone in 2019?

What is your least favorite thing about one person?

What is something that is clearly considered a "win" by a majority of the business world?

Dear Reddit, Where are you now?

What are signs of budding anger?

Everywhere else in the world people are trying to save the last remnants of life from a pandemic. What if they did the same thing here? Why or why not?

Does anyone know of a great option on YouTube to turn your phone into a BDS

You're lying in the grass, with your nose up your ass and nothing in your mouth. What do you do?

Cops of reddit, what’s the most blatant bullshit you've been told by a witness?