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What are some things that are rarely, if ever, an issue on Reddit?

What were you surprised to learn about your friends?

How do you feel about Trump as a presidential candidate?

What's something you saw as a child that still makes you cringe?

What a ridiculous question...

Doctors, what was the most shocking case of “oh I thought that was normal” you’ve seen in a patient?

Why do some people post stupid videos on YouTube with no warning?

The plot of Divergent is as follows: you have a choice of one painting to represent you or your parents, how do you choose?

[Serious] How come

What is one "Dead" character from all of fiction?

Bartenders of Reddit, have you ever had a guy speak to you like a Super Bowl champ? What was the experience like?

[Serious] What do you wish people knew about you?

i was in a really scary abusive household, and all i

Dear girls of reddit, how have you been coping with his size?

You’re having sex with the same sex for the first time, what are your initial thoughts?

People who have created fake accounts on 4chan to protest, why?

Your superpower allows you to bend the rules

Redditors, what is the funniest "red herring" that you had to tell a customer?

What are some pros and cons of wearing makeup as a teenager?

You have an amazing idea: build a flying car so well that the driver has to keep a log of their every single movement. How would you go about implementing this flying car?

What if Life Support was switched off in your home country and it was just you and the people who hate you ?

Redditors with children under the age of 18, what is the most excitement you saw from your child and would you be willing to share it

How do you guys feel about the fact that you are no longer a kid but an adult?

How do you feel about post-apocalyptic stories and the idea that we will all be running out to the gun market to stock up on high-grade ammo until the supply is exhausted?

Flat Earthers, how do you like the flat earth theory?