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Men of Reddit: what are some things men can and should not be proud of?

What would you do if you found out you were going blind in 24 hours?

What is Rob Thomas' favourite song?

The Libertarian Party should "take my vote" because they are "not a voting member", as stated by their website?

Sure, sometimes we all get caught up in the moment. But that's why you got caught up in the first place – so you could see the sheep finally coming home to roost?

Strip clubs. What’s the weirdest thing you have ever seen in a

Ladies of reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina. What was the experience like?

Your Reddit Username is Now a Sex Position, What Do You Do with that new found skill?

Cops of reddit, at what point did you get tired of the daily harassment and also started rooting around in peoples houses?

What is the best smartphone game you ever played?

Who are the worst parents in your opinion?

Gym go

What's a secret you're really good at?

What is your strange fear?

People who get mad over rickrolls, why? (non sexual)

If Christians didn't want to participate in the Bible study, why would people be so religious about it?

Who was the best in the world at one thing, but could do no else?

Your girlfriend is now a mod of Reddit, what would be the best post to add to /r/AskReddit?

Instead of screaming when you are in pain, you blurt random words and sentences. How well do you do this?

As a gay man, what are some free things online that people should download/use in small groups to socialize?

What's your favorite place to be smothered in porn?

Which Minecraft texture pack is your favourite and why?

Lawyers of reddit, what's the weirdest thing a defendant has asked you to do in a court?

Women of reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina. If so what did they do?

Doctors, whats the worst thing someone have tried to do to you?