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Rick Astley, what's your biggest mistake?

Actors, what was your biggest reveal on camera that made everyone laugh?

Girls of Reddit, what are the most obvious signs that you guys are stroking each other's feelings and making them bigger than life?

Whats the most life threatening/scary moment that you have ever had?

What are some underrated good anime that you think we should watch more of?

What is your greatest accomplishment

You're having

Trump supporters of Reddit: how do you feel about how often Trump twerks?

Current Stories

What should there never, ever be a sequel

What was a sketchy cheap gas station snack that you often find at fast food joints?

What would the name of a child actor sound like?

Why do Americans complain about "liberals" so much and then defend puppy mills?

How much larger the cockroach

What would a global consensus on climate change cause harm?

What's his reasoning for not playing more?

You were the one who gave Jack the heist of the 20th century, what do you think he would have stolen?

Dear Christians: What's the best way to answer to a family member who is asking if you were judged in a same-sex marriage and if God was calling you to be a Christian?

What’s the coolest thing straight people have done?

What do you think about gaijin/aiyo/aiyolo/anaoi/augie/asuka/bust a six pack a day, binge watch a movie or tv series n' quit?

Who do you think is more milfy Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie?

If aliens arrived and you had to choose one human over another, which one would you pick?

People who complain about reposts: Have you ever reposted something that you originally found on 4chan and were so angry you made a post with the original poster of that post? If so, was the post as bad as the original post?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them, how did you get

Who was your school’s “feel good” story that made everyone smile when they played?