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As a kid, what was the worst thing you did to your parents?

What is the redditest thing you've done?

Girls of Reddit - what is something you'd like to get off your mind with?

What's one memory that never fails to make you smile every time you think about it?

Hey old dudes of reddit, what’s one thing about your

What is the male version of a Karen called, and what is his story?

What did a popular kid turn out to be like in your experience?

People who voted for Trump in 2016, but will be voting for someone else in November, what made you change your mind?

People who tell women to tell their boyfriends that "Tell that to your best friend," why?

Swap a word from one of your favorite movies quote for "I have an itch" sound effects. What comes out?

People of Reddit who were on show like supernanny, worlds strictest parents, Scared Straight, Scared Straight: Scared Straight, or Scared Straight 2, which one was it for you?

The owner of an empty McDonalds restaurant says he has the perfect solution to a school shooting: make it a horror show. Will America freak out and why?

How would you feel about making cannabis legal?

Who was your favorite (b-level) childhood hero?

Sock fuckers of Reddit, how many do you think are doing it and are the best fakers you know?

In a fight of you vs Joey Fatone, who would win and why?

[Serious] straight people of Reddit who got into serious trouble for being dumb in school, what’s your story?

To people who own and/or are proud of the Confederate Flag, what is the inspiration for your logo?

What’s the most toxic time your crush would hit you?

What are the (minor) annoyances in your life that you couldn't possibly be bothered to list here?

JK Rowling was apparently the victim of a hate crime today, as a man came into her house in Australia and began beating her, screaming "Pineapple apocalypse", "Harry Potter is a fake" and "You're next" while pushing a cart with two other people?

Whats one reason to get an orgasm every time you masturbate?

We wish we could turn back time and do it all over again. But we can't. So what would you change?

What would be something you'd still do, no matter what?

What was the most overrated movie of all time?