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What is your opinion on the fact that the terrorist organization known as the “United States’s No. 1 Secret Service is run by white supremacists?

People with any interest in starting a discussion on this sub... What is your point?

[Serious] straight women of Reddit, how does it make you feel when men gaze at you lustfully like dolphins do when they are copulating with one another?

What happened when you were young and your momma gave you a run for your money?

Something I always wanted to ask you was, when did you first experience a Star Wars film and what was it?

What is your weird hobby that you're really good at?

Which character from all of fiction are you most like, and why?

People with family members who died in mysterious circumstances (ex. parents), how did they die?

Females of Reddit, how does it feel like having a vagina?

What is a story from your childhood that you still remember?

In 2007, Jen Kirkman co-created the Jen Kirkman Show with Marc Guggenheim and the internet exploded with comments about how awesome it was. Since then, the show has become one of the funniest shows on the internet. What would be a meta comment to this show?

Redditors in the US, are you aware of the protests going on in your country? How can these problems be solved?

What's your favorite dessert?

Men of Reddit, what is one thing about your gender that is quite a deal?

What are the downsides to weed that more people should know about?

Which would have been better, Firefly or The Office?

What movie title would be improved by a few space letters?

What are some HARD TIMES BEAUTIFUL THINGS you have EVER done?

Someone once said �

Why do you think Redditors hate Jordan?

What are some things you wish you knew growing up?

How do you guys feel about those who still support Trump?

What is the most creative way you've humiliated yourself?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at record high yesterday, smashing its all time high of 23,987.94. What are your thoughts?

What is the best genderfluid name you've come up with?