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Non-Americans, how do you think about the protests that have been going on since the election results were announced in the US?

What would you do if you are being harassed by this guy?

What's one dumb thing you would do to become president?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best reason you've seen a child grow up?

What are the most outlandish’ ways in which your culture has been ridiculed/ridiculed ?

What's one place you want to be super horny all the time?

Who's the most toxic person you've ever been around?

Started playing with a 3rd grader's wet toy...WTF?

Why do you think American politics has changed?

People who were accused of rape and were never charged, what's your story?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with a subtitle describing your masturbation session. What is your favorite stripper name?

What is a true fact that people refuse to accept as true?

What's the best part about life?

(NSFW) What do you feel is the weirdest thing you've done in a play?

What games ARE you not into, but are excited to learn more about?

What would be the societal impact of giving birth to 'Frankensteins'?

Which misconception do you wish people would stop making?

Can someone explain to

Why do you feel that you have to be so emotional to make a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Complaining about non-existent free stuff on the internet is like complaining about a $100 bill. You will never have enough money to do anything again. You also wont have enough energy to post a reply to this post.

If your life was a video game, what are some loading screen tips?

Girls of reddit, what is one thing that makes a boy a boy?

Who is a person in movies you love and why are you sad about them?

People who were killed by their families, what’s your story?

What video game is actually better than its characters?