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How do you feel about co-ops?

Have you ever thought your best friend might be a famous person? If so, what makes you think this?

What would you do if you find out a person you thought was out of your league turned out to be a total douche?

What are some interesting science or history topics that most people don’t know about?

What's your favorite dead meme?

I'm so fucked right now, what should I do?

Ladies of Reddit, if a guy got a handjob from someone only half his age (8-10 year old boy), what do you think his name would be?

People with birthmarks, have you ever had them yourself, how did you feel about them growing back?

What happened to blind people in America?

Vegans of Reddit, if every country went vegan and everyone on Earth switched to that lifestyle, what problems would be the norm for the next century?

What are the signs of a crush?

What would you do if you found out your mother was an android?

"Ladies of Reddit, what is the most sexiest thing you've ever experienced, from the opposite sex?"

Those who grew up with a karen (father figure), how did it affect you when you lost them?

Why do we whine about redditors that do porn and why do we troll them ?

Cat lovers of Reddit, what are the best cat GIFs?

What super hero could you identify with but couldn't because of their color?

What "rules" would you add to /r/askreddit if you had the power?

Redditors who've left a post with the comment "I need some advice" why?

What do you hate that so many people seem to be good on?

What job does a Millennial actually have?

People of Reddit who have committed incest, how did you manage to stop them?

Parents, why let your kid have the flash drive and the Xbox and the Nintendo Wii and all the games and accessories they deserve? Why let your kid have all of this knowledge and knowledge only to turn against you in the end?

If you could combine any two animals into one being what animal would it be?

There are currently 17,756,445 people on the Earth, and you are the mayor of London. What are some of the common regulations and annoyances you expect to encounter in a large city?