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You're 28, and you accidentally cum... but only because you were masturbating. How do you deal with the awkwardness of the situation?

What if Pro Wrestling was a

As a teenager I had a crush on a guy but as a adult it just isn't possible without getting caught. What's a simple, yet effective way to hide a crush?

What is the most badass you've ever been and what is it about?

Women of Reddit, what are some Doggie Tips you wish every man knew?

If you were to create a fake article with the exact same

what was something your parents did that made you feel special?

People who call yourselves Supernatural, what is the reality?

people that live in 3 story houses and 3 storeys, what do you use to build each other's 3 story houses?

What's the most misconstrued contradiction in the English language

Uni students of Reddit: what is your experience of seeing a graduate like yourself on a first date?

Hey Redditors, what was the most disturbing/disturbing memory from your childhood?

You're laying all alone at night, wondering what to do when you get angry. What are some positive affirmations that you can give someone right now?

What is your story of spotting injustice?

What was the moment that really made you change your life?

Trump voters, what was your moment when he first began kissing your cheek?

How do you take crap from kids?

Where to find Rob Thomas' shirt that he was photographed wearing in No Reservations?

How would you feel about a law that requires parents who opt in vitro parenthood, that eggs must pass through tubes and then into an egg donor?

People who say that "All Lives Matter" or "Black Lives Matter," who are you trying to save?

As a gay

Any funny/interesting stories involving cats?

What are signs of being a Karen?

Forgot username, why?

What's your go-to all-American football team, if so which team would you pick