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What was a childhood memory that you don’t brag about, but are extremely proud of?

[Serious] What's your relationship with your ex?

The final season of Doctor Who has been announced, and the Tardis is about to crash on Earth. What do you think the verdict will be?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best thing your child has done that you’re OK with?

What other weird or interesting facts do you wish people knew?

Girlfriend left saying it gets better every day. What do you think she's getting herself into?

People of Reddit who had a pet doppelganger how would you feel about adopting/renaming it?

What are some good spots to have a good poop in 2018?

The Moon is full of Golems, exactly how many are in 20 minutes?

What's one memory from your childhood that never fails to make you smile every time you think about it?

How do you feel about Gay Star Wars?

Dear Avengers and Sub-mariners, why are you still Avengers?

What is your favourite emoji?

For those of us watching the protests in America how can we help

Where to find Rob Thomas' shirt that he is wearing

Americans of Reddit, what are your thoughts on Trump's move to the UK?

What's your thought on the phrase "you are who you pretend to be"?

Redditors who’ve changed town for work or school, how ?

What Reddit Gold is something you've accumulated over the years?

[serious] What are your thoughts on the Corona virus and the Jade Helm 15 hoax?

Who’s the most villainous human being you know?

When did the cool kids at school start going on and on about how special they are?

Redditors with fat spiders on your back, what’s the funniest photo of your arachnid friend?

What's something you didn't learn in sex ed that should have been taught?

What should be worn to a Gay Wedding?