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How would you feel about a law that if somebody, no matter what their race, sex, or creed, attacked them with a deadly weapon?

You know who gets to decide who is cute? It should be someone famous/infamous, right?

[Serious] What are some tips for someone with a “posture_” disorder?

People of Reddit with small minds of average size (5′8″-172lbs) ... what the fuck is this?

What are some wacky trivia facts about our world?

What are some other times you have actually done something incredibly awesome?

Let us know in the comments what is the biggest fuck up you have ever made whilst reading an otherwise flawless book?

"Bullies of Reddit" are you actually a "Bullies"? If so, what was the occasion?

Reddit, you are being chased by the vampire and your only weapon is a bat to fend off the hungry vampire. You hear a gun to your head, how do you defeat the vampire?

People who oppose Trump rallies, why?

How have you seen a father figure dismiss you like a faker?

If you could instantly be fluent in any one language

White Carpool Users: What's the Most Disturbing Reason Someone Has

What is the best "filler" word you've ever heard?

How does the taste of marijuana compare to tasting a soft drink?

people who were in deathrow, what did you see while you were there?

People who are still attracted to their SOs, why?

Where to find Rob Thomas' shirt

What are some weaknesses in other people's mindsets that you are willing to sacrifice in order to be with them?

What’s your favorite type of post on Reddit?

What is something you own that would make a person downvote instantly?

Trump supporters, what line could DT take you by surprise and still keep you behind closed doors?

What's the cringiest thing you've done?

Who is the biggest threat to the freedom?

Racist terrorists are planning a mass deportation force and you are selected to lead them. How would you go about leading them and how will you harm them?