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After reading about Harry Potter, what would you recommend as a children's story?

What's the funniest story about you that doesn’t make any sense

If you had to invent a brand new, never-before-used criminal punishment, what would it be?

Husbands and wives, what’s one thing couples should know how to do at home together?

Users who test positive for Eczema @ work- what should i do?

People who have created video game characters, what’s your story?

Gym goers of Reddit, have you ever been a "young lady"? How did it change your week?

epic struggles of post-white supremacy America?

What’s something you’d be happy to give $100,000,000 to?

What’s one place where people over the age of 85 tend to get carried away and do crazy things?

People who criticize religions for not being enough, why?

What is something everyone can agree is a pain in the ass?

What is the best alcoholic or non- alcoholic beverage to have if you are a wine

What iPhone case is the best design?

People that use MS Edge, why?

If someone offered you 6000000$ to give your body a photo- shoot then what would you do?

What is one thing you wish you could say to a kid on the street?

How would you feel about a law stating that kids in public school have to attend child care?

What single text would make the biggest impression in a romantic relationship?

What's your iconic photo?

You can rub the glue off the top of your helmet with one command. What is it?

What questions do you have for Obama?

What is your favorite

Skidaddle gives a puppy a video game controller case and tells the story of how it ended. Why do you think the story is so fucked up?

Americans of Reddit, what’s going to happen to you?