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What is the best movie you ever watched?

Redditors, is there a guy in your family, aunts, uncles, or any other adults who you don’t feel like is a "man enough" but actually is a "woman enough"?

Transgender men, what transition parts did your male friends (or other people in a romantic/sexual relationship) play on you?

Which podcast has been the most impactful in your life?

Whats one song you'll never do justice to?

College students of reddit,

What was something your crush did that you didn’t know was a crush?

What is one thing you can say

What is a villain that you can't help but root for?

Because we don't like Joe Biden.

What does long distance work like?

Who is an Under-Rated Character you feel was underrated?

What's a good feature in a girl, that doesn't seem to have off-kilter qualities?

The year is 2050 and a dating app matches users with matches. What users go through to match wins?

Why can cishet white men (or girls) get away with saying racist things like "white people are racist"?

what was the strangest thing that made you laugh out loud when you were kid?

What's your opinion on the first 20 000 people who come to your country for the first time?

Why do you like Trump?

People with birthmarks, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought you looked like an artist?

Fellow country music fans, what is the weirdest sound that country music fans make when they really hate their idols?

Redditors who oppose conscription and

JUVENILE LEAGUES: 381 AD, from now on you are known as the Punisher, you are the Punisher. How would you use this new role?

parents, what is the hardest decision you've ever had to make?

What did it feel like to satisfy your personal taste?

What are some good games (board, drinking...) to play when you invite a friend or a family member over?