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what was the best part about making out with a refrigerator?

What makes you want to turn your life around?

If puppies could talk, what are the wolves (nephews, step-siblings, etc.) thoughts?

What’s the most "Why the f*ck are you even bothering to answer this" thing that you did in high school?

What is a game you're really good at?

People with e-mails with Ted. How do you send e-mails with him?


People who comment "lol" on posts without actually upvoting the post, why do you do it?

What is better porn than sex?

People that don't sleep, why?

Any mans body, any colour, male or female, what are some small things you feel is normal until you are blue in the face?

What are some hilarious urban legends that have actually happened to you?

Ex-fans of Reddit, what was your initial introduction to the game like?

What can you do to stop procrastinating?

What do you think about that you’re depressed and feel worthless?

People who don't use google as their primary search engine, what do you use and why do you choose them over google?

What's an acceptable way to play dumb on someone's question?

What do you think about binning craigslist?

You're 10 years old, find out your mother is an alien, and bewitched her into eating human meat... What do you do?

Christians, how can you justify picking on God for picking a bad pick-up line?

People with birthmarks, what does it remind you of / do you get excited when you think about it?

Can you please stop linking to

Thrift shops that sell used DVDs and Blu-Rays in some of Tokyo's most hip areas, are selling them to fund their upcoming live-action film?

What are your "black show" bits?

What's the dumbest thing you ever heard someone say as if it was a fact?