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Women of Reddit, what's something important you think a man could do to better represent you as a female?

You suddenly have access to the darkest corners of the internet. What are the first places you visit?

With everything going on, what’s something that is good?

What has been an upside to the lockdown for you as a whole?

What did you think was going to be a thing forever?

You are teleported 2 feet to Earth 1 hour ago. How will you feel about life on earth ?

Is Separation Anxiety an Actual Phenomen?

Doctor Who fans, what was the last episode and why?

What would be your response if someone ATTACKS you with your DSLR?

If NASA would show the universe what it needs to know to prevent a self-fulfilling prophesy, what would the universe need from NASA?

Scientists have determined that the universe is running out of fuel. What are you doing to conserve your fuel?

What if 2020 was actually the year 2030 and 2017 were just fakes and what we see in the near future will be what we have in the near future?

Your avatar is now a super hero and your goal is to destroy the world. What is the first act you do?

What's one thing you absolutely hate about your age?

Who is a character from a movie who is so complex you can't help but root for them?

What are some of the coolest things Cleveland has to offer?

What's the most annoying question on Reddit?

People of Reddit who have a burning wish, why?

You can instantly convert any non-American or an unknown person into an American with a few seconds of your mind. How would you go about it?

How would you feel about banning commercials from Reddit?

What do you think would happen to the world if every country went to war for resources and everyone had to work?

What were the differences in the way you died and how you were hacked to death?

of showing off your bodies? if so, then what would the rules be? (serious)

What is a wholesome, solitary activity that one should strongly consider getting into if one wants to live a long and fulfilling life?

If the moon was a banana, what would be the best upgrade?