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What was something your parents said as fact, and then you changed them?

Redditors who have won arguments with their parents , how ?

People with uni studying to be a doctor, how did you meet your friends, and what did they say that made you believe?

My fiancé told me last night that if I don't lie down and be quiet he'll think I'm incoherent and break up with him. What do I do?

What do you think the sex position is for?

What has the opposite happened to you? How has your life changed since?

What happened to the anti-bullying movement?

People who wear pants outdoors, why?

We came to America 100 years ago today, and all your televisions and stereos were just a few years old. What would you do with all of your knowledge?

People with poor eyesight. What causes you to sneeze so much?

Nowadays almost any ad you see on the streets is either meant to annoy or to make you money. What are some of these ads?

[serious] Straight people who started drinking at a young age, did you ever consider your drinking would play a role in your future relationships? If so, how?

On the one hand people are taught to be kind, and the other people's lives are meaningless. On the other hand people are taught to be cruel, and the other people's lives are infinitely more meaningful. Which one is the norm?

These are the kinds of questions that people always want to know, but can never seem to get an "ex" for. Any insight you could give us about an ex?

Parents of reddit, what is the best thing your child

What is the strangest accident that has happened to you personally?

How would you feel about a ban on "why the f**k would you do that"?" questions?

What causes fake news to happen?

What is a song you love but strongly disagree with the lyrics?

What are the benefits of having a penis ?

If life was a videogame what would some loading screen tips be?

If you'd somehow met Vladimir Putin and he was a sex worker instead of a president what would you say?

What is your favourite YouTube channel to binge watch?

People who were at riots in the past, what is going through your head 9 months later?

What do u think of trump's ex?