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What did you learn in school that kids should really learn?

Transgenders, how does it feel having experienced masturbating from both sexes, but also orgasms from both? Do you prefer to have an open mind and just enjoy it or masturbate from both?

People with accounts on Reddit, why are you such a mod?

Since this is the last question, why?

You are now the manager of erotica, what is the first scene you pull out?

People who hang out with a ton of ____ on ____, what are some good ____ conversation starters?

What was something that you were afraid would happen but actually did?

Dear Pandering Redditors, How has your Reddit experience changed since you arrived?

What interests you the most in the world right now?

That's because Reddit thinks you're a total ass. Here are some ways you can make them think otherwise.

What’s one moment you were scared the most and thought you would die?

What are some things you wish were more normalized?

Sex trafficking in the United States is so rampant that it is difficult to know where to begin?

For people still sorting through their soggy dogshit, coot, and other filth, what’s your plan for now?

People that use the internet surfers bait site to find out trending web videos, what is the most web worthy web video you have seen so far?

What is your opinion on the fact that the football team that wins the championship is called the swine team?

If you can write any book and it is longer than the last book you have finished, can you still come up with a novel that is shorter than the last book?

Has anyone actually ever woke up in the middle of a dream and regretted it because you ended up being a 'WTF' moment later?

The tip of the iceberg? Who knows?

What's the difference between being loved and being desired?

People who have the #1 spot on Reddit, what the hell is going on?

For those who do not own a the series,how did it come about? Is there a second series?

What questions do you wish people would stop making fun of you?

People who had a thing or two to say, how did it turn out?

Which character from all of fiction do you feel bad for