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Which Celebrity is the most despicable?

What is something you did that was not rape but was nevertheless incredibly awkward?

Do you guys take the milk breaks today? Why?

You are gifted 50 billion dollars from an anonymous donor, but with one condition - you must only wear socks all day, forever. Do you do it and which would you wear?

Can I ask you a question that's slightly more serious than usual?

what was the most cringe thing you did as a child that still makes you cringe to this day?

What is the male version of a Karen?

What exactly are you NOT willing to do for seven million dollars?

What do you think about GWA characters?

What's the most confusing question you've ever got from a student?

redditors who use the word "cake". Why?

As a white suburban girl who just so happen to be white, what are some everyday mistakes that you guys make that subconsciously backfire and you guys just have to put a stop to?

Should a witch or wizard always be afraid of the dark?

What are some of the weirdest subreddits?

US politics - what's going on in DC right now?

Is there a character from one of your favourite shows in the 'verse? If not, why not?

What words of encouragement would you give to a depressed coworker?

What do you think about Trump's comments that the US is 'owned' by one person, and 'men are animals'?

Does this year mark the beginning of the end? Why or why not?

Men, what’s the best thing about being a man?

When I give head, will it be as easy as it used to be? Will it be like a baptism for sex?

Who is that one you always want to forget?

How do you tell a depressed friend that he sucks ass and he should take pride in that?

People who have gotten an erection naturally, how does it feel like?

What do you consider to be a positive?