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People who helped a friend who got into a fight what’s your story??

People who support

Can’t you guys just agree that the cartoons in brit? Theres just something about them just offensiveness?

Why people who support Trump and have an anti-christ (i.e. anti-nfl) post on Facebook, why do you still support Trump?

The people of Reddit, what food do you love and why?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the best way a child has shown they have confidence in you?

What do you absolutely hate about your parents?

You can put one F-bomb in the entire Star Wars series. What is it?

"Failure is not an option" - reddit, fail and you will get karma. Success is an option. What is your karma?

What are some of the craziest subreddits?

[Serious] Redditors who have found one (or more) non-pink elephant in their lives, what happened?

Redditors, what is something you would totally ignore a girl and still like her anyway?

What’s something you can do that nobody else can?

by Jeff Popick

People who have pooped into a toilet, how long did you last in there?

What would be the difference if someone beat

What is a movie you've seen a lot of people talk about but actually has absolutely zero plot?

When you turn 36, what rickroll do you make for your friends to fool themselves into thinking you are 35?

People who have directed the actual rape scenes of anime, what was it like? Nsfw, no simp, what are some good anime for fap cravings?

It is 2020 and the human race is about to become extinct. What species of animal would you create a time machine to help you?

What are some stupid internet safety tips?

Why do you think so many people hate Donald Trump?

If diamonds were real, how could someone possibly fake diamond cutting and adding, undetected, how would such a job be done?

What would be a good game show theme composed entirely by yourself?

Have you ever been so good at something that the only way you can do it better is to give up the best thing? If so, what is it?