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What’s the most fucked up thing a family member has ever done to you ?

How do you feel about nerfing all the animals in the world?

If you were Human, what skills would you be lacking?

If you had a chance to fuck a fictional girlfriend(s) would you do it, why, why not?

So... what is it?

If God did a bad thing what would you do?

What movie would benefit the most from an overhaul?

What's the most badass thing your parent's done that was worth applauding?

What’s the most famous “we didn’t start the Fire” story from the The Proverb?

The leader of the free world keeps trying to sound like a baby on camera but he's really a toddler. What will the first video game he pretends to play?

Girls of Reddit, what is the best way a guy can make you feel special?

If your penis had a voice in it how would it sound?

(NSFW) Do you prefer white as in white supremacy or black as in black? Why?

How do you think people will vote in 2020?

what would you like to see more of?

What would your "Rock, Paper, Shotgun" power level be?

What is the best mobile game around?

What is something to say to someone who’s anti gun, but also wants to keep everyone else safe?

People who bought SimCity, why?

People who masturbate everyday and do it every day, why do you still do it?

What's your greatest sexual experience and how?

People who have been bitten by a animal, how did it affectyou?

If you could express anything to someone without actually saying anything, what would you say?

What’s your favorite time to go to the movies?

What hobby gives you the greatest amount of satisfaction?