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If you could magically get one thing back from someone (friend, family member, etc.) what would it be?

What are some nerdy things that make everyone around you look like a total douche?

What is your personal opinion on Guggenheim?

Hey Redditors, what was your best birthday party?

How come POCs are so downvotable?

People who claim to be a german, what is your origin story?

What is the most glamorous "last call" celebrity split, highly publicized or extremely obscure?

If you were able to meet god, what would you tell him about today?

In a video game, if a character says "I could show you the way to heaven" what is the expected reaction?

Women of Reddit, what is the worst thing you ever saw someone do while having sex?

Do you think that everyone in the West is racist and homophobic? If so what are some examples?

What's the reason girls get so aroused and why are you the only one able to calm them down?

You're lying in the grass, looking at the stars, headphones in... what song do you play?

What was the cringiest thing you did as a child?

What is your dad's opinion on Trump?

Redditors of the Night, what was the Redditor that the Reddit community felt bad for the most in the end?

What are some really fucked up shit you did as a kid?

You are offered $1,000,000 USD if you can hide a room with a bathroom and a sink in your house. If you are able to make it through the first two hours of the $1,000,000 USD reward, how would you put this place to good?

who else wants to take a stand?

With over 25 million viewers tuning in to WWE Raw each week, does it matter if the pro's are top or bottom feeders? Why or why not?

What's a song you love, but would never put on the radio?

With nothing but a computer and a little help from a friend, what are you going to do to help a bullied 16 year old become a better person?

What was a crush like personality in your childhood?

How can you get your wife/gf to stop fingering your ass while you masturbate?

You will be lying in the grass for 24 hours. All you can hear is the wind howling in the distance. What do you do?