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Lurkers of reddit, have you ever been attracted to a naked person? If so, how attracted were you?

What video game sequels are you most excited for?

How do you feel about "Jesus Christ is my saviour"?

What would you do if someone in strange clothing you've never seen before told you “you’re in the same boat as me” ?

Who's that mysterious 'wee bloke' you always knew?

Former atheists, what made you come back?

What’s something you used to be insecure about?

[serious] Why do you comment but not upvote any answer?

What small thing, no big deal, that doesn't seem to have a huge effect on the world?

What is your favourite Colour Palette for Children?

Who is the best thing about college?

What was your “waste of space” moment?

How would you feel about a law that if people refuse to have sex anymore then it's a crime against nature?

How would you feel about making college an option for

If you get to meet your childhood friend, what would you say makes him feel special?

You wake up to hear someone breaking into your house. What song do you go to to entertain yourself?

Not even a year since the government shut down the internet is safe from an Edward Snowden-style enemy?

You're so ugly you can't even get a smile on your face. How do you feel about peeling your skin?

You have to fight an exact copy of someone else's best friend to the death, how do you outsmart them?

Parents of Reddit, what are your “you didn’t pick me” stories?

How do you feel about Karl Marx?

People of Reddit who worked at airports, what is the strangest thing you have seen in peoples luggage?

He was so young, I felt bad for the kid. All I wanted was for him to have a happy birthday.

If money and sex were like signs, what are some good analogies to make when considering money and sex?

Why did you hit your wife?