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What's your oldest memory from an anime or videogame?

What if everyone was human? Would the world be much better place or would everyone just get along?

Dog owners of Reddit: would you cut of 5 years of your own life and give these to your dog? If you would, what would you do?

Your username is your sexual position. How would you position yourself for each of the 7 day week?

Hey reddit people who have made out with someone, what’s up?

What is the best moment in your life?

What’s something that is only visible to people with a ton of superpowers?

What is your opinion on "girls get hyper sensitive when they have a penis"?

If your life was a video game, what is the hardest achievement?

If white people could only tan their skin a dark brown, as fast as humanly possible, how would things look differently today?

What's the best way to handle a crying baby?

Divorce attorneys of Reddit, what's the most ridiculous reason someone filed for divorce?

Have you ever thought that maybe you are a sadistic sadist?

What do you consider to be terrible Reddit etiquette?

Declaration of intention to go on an end-of-the-world adventure. 2017 was an incredible year, but it feels like a distant memory. When will you be ready to say, "All aboard, we're home free!"?

People who have had more than one abortion, how did it affect you?

You have been profiled by Hooters as the hottest woman in the world, and now it's time to suck all the cock in the world. How would you go about it?

Do you guys prefer TOS or the Original Series? Why or why not?

People with birthmarks: How do you feel about them, do you draw them, what do you call them, etc?

Hey Reddit! What's your most cringe or interesting "turning point" in your life?

Folks over at Reddit, what is the best compliment a compliment can give you?

What is the best subreddit to rage on?

Why do you comment on AskReddit posts?

If you were a 1-episode fling for Johnny Depp, what would be his silly, minuscule reasoning for breaking up with you?

What was the best 'flippy-ti' moment you've ever experienced?