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What non-American do you think of their military/first world countries?

For people who live in Wyoming why does the mail trucker in Wyoming have such a hard time

You have found a suitecase full of "kevlar vomit", in the woods. You can tell that it's been there for at least a year. How would you go about disposing of it?

Why don't we just accept that everyone is just racist, and move on?

How do you feel about an iMessage based economy?

Why do you think a 4 year old can think so highly of himself?

What’s your laugh track?

What are the most underrated good anime out there?

why do you choose to be alone?

How would life be different if Trump won the election and how would you feel about different types of yard signs or other small displays of affectionate affectional gestures?

What are some habits people are afraid to break?

Billionaires of Reddit, who are the scariest Billionaires, and what is your investment philosophy?

What do you think of Kavanughs?

What do you think about K-pop?

What do you guys think of Georgia in general?

People of Reddit, what is the best thing a family member has ever done for you?

Gamers of Reddit, what are some of the creepiest easter eggs you’ve

What's your favourite Prince/Karen?

Girls, what is something straight people do that they don't realize is gay (and why do you straight people act like you know what they're doing) ?

What is your kink?

Hey redditors, how many of you are lying in the snow with no electricity or water and a campfire blazing in the distance?

What is something that immediately triggers someone

Daughters of reddit what was your reaction when your father saw your "making out" with your penis in your vagina?

What are some habits you wish you picked up as a young boy only to discover later that you already knew?

What are you really good at and are you good at?