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How many Gummy Worms can you poop in a day?

What are the perks of life?

Hey Reddit, I just caught my brother masturbating in my room in my New Jersey apartment. What should I do?

What movie was easy to make fun of, but was actually quite funny?

People who would learn to Fly, what would be an easier skill to learn?

What is a KAREN sign and is it a blessing?

Redditors who use reddit. Why?

What if women aren’t people, but rather objects to be touched, dominated and cuddled by men?

What are your favorite parts about life?

If it is not sexual then what is it?

You hear the Doctor saying "All lives matter" and then he says something totally different. What's your reaction to that?

When will the first “AskReddit” question go to viral?

If the Obama administration sends another 300 marshals to harass Republican politicians in 2020, what will be the final straw?

When is the right time to tell a heterosexual story?

What movie would've a bigger impact if it didn't have a happy ending ?

What fictional character do you feel

What are some weaknesses in Derek Jeter's game that the New York Yankees should address right now?

LGBTQ+ folks, what is something straight people do that they don’t realize is offensive?

If 9/11 happened three months earlier, what do you think the business that morning was?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any mental challenges what are some things you think a beginner should be able to do at least once in

What's your favorite [Serious] fap?

You are thrust into the Hunger Games and the first 20 games are PvP (war) games. What game would you pick?

Why do you think women

What is your favorite YouTube Channel to binge watch?

Super Mario 64: free for all? 500 player battle royale? How would you spend $100 if you had that much?