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Swap a word from your favorite movie quote with "she/he is the boss". What do you get?

What is the most unexpected kindness you have personally shown someone?


For people who still support trump, what reason do you have?

People of reddit in the countries i live in, what is the general feeling towards the US?

Reddit, if you found out your son is a karen, would you try to hide it or tell the world?

Should people over the age of 50 be required to retake their driver’s test every year? Why or why not?

These recipes are meant to be shared, so please don’t send 'em in self-defense. If you’re feeling cornered, get some help.

Why are you

What's the most unethical thing you've done because you didn't want to show it to your family?

What was the funniest stories from Seattle this weekend?

What movie was so well-written that now you think the entire movie is wasted?

People who lived in third-world countries, what was the experience like?

What character would you want to play opposite on Two-Fisted Man?

Dear girls, why do you wear makeup and what is your favorite make up product?

What are signs that a girlfriend is turning on you?

Your username is the reason the universe is crumbling. What's the first thing you're going to post on Reddit?

People who do not use google as their primary search engine, what makes you google-less?

How would you feel about someone who grew up poor but eventually became rich?

how many ways do you’ve strangled someone?

It's the Super Bowl, and the Miami Dolphins are being crushed by the Seattle Seahawks. What will be the crying mom's excuse?

What phrase would you most like to see in a movie?

Dc vs Indy? Steelers/Patriots? Warriors/Excavators?

What movie feature would be removed from the future?

What is a unique, life saver way to improve your mood?