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People of reddit who grew up in third-world countries (Niger, Benin, Bur

Redditors, who had a crush on their teacher, how did it turn out?

LGBTQIA+ Folk of Reddit, What Were Some Signs That You May Have Moved On To Other People?

People who decided to become atheists, what made you change your mind?

What is the best website to download MP3 from?

What’s the most unlikely place you’ve had sex?

If Donald Trump loses the 2020 election can we

Boys that got expelled cuz they were 'Robin Williams' (Cat Williams), how do you feel now?

What's one thing you don't like about your current relationship?

(NSFW) Which Was Better: The Sixth Sense or Blade Runner?

This is the part of the question-answering-system where you can post your worst possible answer. Why do you do this? Is this to be a good sport, or just pure sadism?

He was a boy, she was a girl, how has his life changed?

What’s the most useless thing you have ever learned?

Students of Reddit, as a final project for the college finals, what are some creative solutions to current day problems ?

Whats a good question you can pose on r/askreddit ?

What is the most idiotic "fact" that you can think of?

The President is deliberately ignoring your stupidest tweetstorms. How long do you plan on staying on trolling?

What are some typical Flippa Games that you’ve played?

The Android Market is freaking addictive. What are some good things to buy/search for/find on the Play Store?

If you could see anyone's butt for the rest of your life, who would it be?

You're a police officer, and your partner is a pizza delivery boy. One day, while investigating a burglary, you discover that the house is ransacked and that the delivery boy is not human. How will you react?

If humans had a sex drive like animals, would sex be a biological necessity or a fantasy?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the best way an unfazed, 18 year old boy has approached you during

What are your thoughts on the word ugly?

What is the best time to tell a drunk girlfriend she smells bad and should probably go get cleaned up?