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By Jenna Johnson, Science Writer | October 13, 2013 12:31 pm ET

What are some jokes so dark you could probably safely kill yourself?

What are some fictional universe twists?

How would your life be different if God were your friend?

People of Reddit, what are your memories of your childhood?

Are Americans crazy for protesting during the national anthem?

What did the first five seconds of "Friends" taste like?

What subreddit have you unsubscribed?

People who work in the food industry... what was the first dish you saw as a child?

Is there anyone else that was sex ed and didn't learn how to read until mid thirties ? if so how was your experience?

What is something everyone can agree sucks about society?

What about the bong boy? He's not getting any younger.

Which fictional character do you feel sympathy for?

What’s something a lot of people love but you’d never put in a "when did you start liking it again" list?

Actors, what was an interesting audition?

What jokes are actually too much to take?

What movie or tv-show is underrated so much it lost the plot?

What if life was a videogame and you had to complete a videogame in 10 days?

What movie plot holes would you make if you had the power to fix them?

What would you do if a celebrity came out to you as a total fraud?

Now that people are to blame for the dinosaurs being wiped out, what’s the way forward?

What will the first post be on Reddit?

You have to have sex with the last human on earth, but you can't take any of his or her DNA. What are you doing with this information?

When did someone start acting like a child again?

What are some of the biggest mistakes that you are making right now?