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What the fastest way you’ve hurt yourself?

If you found out that your twin was actually running a parallel universe version of you, would you be devastated and why why why why why why why why why why ?

People of Reddit with freckles on, how are those looking to lose them?

If you could reincarnate yourself into any animal, which one would you get and why?

[Serious] Liberals who are voting for Trump 2020, why?

JK Rowling originally wanted to make a Harry Potter series but couldn't think of a compelling reason to tie it to a real world event, what was her reasoning?

Guys, I'm an idiot, but I've been a complete perv for the past two weeks. Am I doing the right thing?

People who had real murders on film and now watch biopics, what are your thoughts on the current biopics/bewilders?

If your username was your sex

What song do you love, but is impossible to repeat with confidence?

[SERIOUS] What’s the most fucked up thing your friends did to you?

What's your favourite classic literature (no porn) that you thought to yourself "This is going to be easy". Turns out it was easy.

Trump says "Blood and soil are not compatible," how can people still vote for him in 2020?

What should there never be a sequel to and what should it be?

Ladies… you have a choice of eating a 4 hour long communal breakfast or a 4 hour long solo masturbation session. Which would you choose and why?

People of Reddit, have you ever been “romantically” involved with a celebrity? If so how are they related?

What was something your parents did that you never thought would happen to your own kids?

Ex-atheists, what made you start talking again?

Your username is the reason why the world is falling apart. What

What's something you can say both to a crowd of 20,000 and still make them go, "Huh?"

What is a quote that you can use in one place and another place can use it as well?

Who was the most interesting “at a party with a pornstar” memory you have?

What could explain Trump's rage?

What are some funny bios of you Twitter followers?

At an International conference on "Cyclops vs. Humans," a group of ordinary people armed with cellphones troll the room with pitchforks and torches until one of them is a sort of dictator. What will be the first law passed to supposedly "manage" this world?