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People of Reddit who don’t date pornstars/entertainers/celebrities (except Frank Ocean), what is it like being a pornstar?

What was the craziest thing Trump said in the heat of the moment?

What's the most overused joke that you can come up with?

Dear redditors, how has your Reddit experience changed your life?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought someone was "going to have to go without for a while"? What was the intention?

Reddit, what are the most interesting “this is different” posts you’ve done?

People who believe that White lives matter and that the police are more important than the KKK: how do you feel about now?

People who took affirmative action in college, how are your attitudes towards it now?

Trump said the Unseen Enemy would be eliminated in April. On which of the remaining few days of April do you think we will see the true power of the Unseen Enemy?

What is something you always assumed was normal until you did it yourself?

How do you feel about pikachu having his own cartoon show?

What is the worst book you have ever

What is your impression of Facebook games?

People who teach logic, how do you teach the class?

Redditors who’ve

What's the best way to deal with the toxic father in your life?

In honor of Joseph Smith, How come Satan never got a girlfriend?

Doctors of reddit, have you ever had a patient with a “well that” turned out to be a fake? If so, what happened?

How would you feel about creating a planet where cars are banned from all public spaces except skate parks and areas with a safety sign?

Those who work in gaming, what’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Should people over the age of 55 be required to retake their driver’

Is it true that you once dated a guy who cheats on his girlfriend?

Flat Earthers, do you still stand by your belief that there is no such thing as flat earth, and that this earth is flat? If so, why?

People who order the exact opposite of what you wanted to eat, how do you sleep

What is one area in life in which you are much better at than the average person?