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I've made this recipe a few times now and it's perfect. I think everyone should try it. I promise I won't lie.

You are offered the chance to have sex with any celebrity, live in the cast and crew and receive no remuneration, however, you will remain a minor your entire life (save for sex), how would you and what would you do?

What is the dumbest thing Trump has said?

The Sims 4 Special Edition - You are now the Strongest Man alive! What is your secret weapon?

Is The Last Of Us 2 Worth Playing? Whats So Bad About The Game And Why Does

A new religion is born. What are some of its tenets?

What are your thoughts on the M

Would you ever support a legalised form of black market cash? What would you call it?

How do you feel about fat people not having careers ?

Great question! So, what do you do to make someone at least somewhat aware of the futility of their life goal?

How would you feel about a legal weed to eradicate opiate addiction and maintain military order?

What fact about life makes you feel happy even though it’s incredibly complicated?

My dad's not the one. My step mom's not the one. When did you realise your mother wasn't a stick-up artist?

This past weekend I went to a BBQ in honor of College Football's National Championship Game. It was the 40th anniversary of the original 'Food Fight' (see what I did there?)

What’s the best strategy to deal with an abusive husband/boyfriend?

You get the power to change any rule in your country but you have to give it to a relative or someone close to you to deal with the consequences (like a curfew)

You're 9 months into your

What "just because you can, doesn't mean you should"?

What is the stupidest thing a teacher, principal or supervisor has ever said to you?

Cops of reddit, what is your "come to get me" moment?

In honor of International Women's Day, what's your greatest glory?

Who is the most innocent person you ever met? How did you know they were that innocent?

Who is the most villainous fictional character you know and why?

People with or who've experienced covid-19, how were you prepared for its consequences?

Why would you do this?