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What can a fictional character do to get out of a dark mental state?

How would you feel about adding a Bukowski-like character in RWBY to torment the rest of the gang?

(NSFW) What are your thoughts on dating apps?

To the people who support Trump, why?

If action movies are movies, what are some action movies from the 90s that still have their magic to this day?

People of Reddit, have you ever been “romantically” involved with a celebrity? If so how was the experience?

What’s a worthwhile cause do you feel bad about?

Eating disorders in children? If possible when did you last have anorexia?

What is a major mistake that you regret the most making?

How was your first day of 2020 ?

Girls of reddit how does it feel when guys make fun of your

What is your opinion on the fact that you have to pee in a can instead of a streamer?

What is your Top 5 Most Considered Rotes?

What are your favourite moments from Minecraft?

You are given the option to

Whats up everyone, what are some smaller-scale problems than the big picture? (Serious)

What is your favourite quote you've heard someone say with a serious face?

What are some NSFW tidbits you know?

Criminals of Reddit, when did you first realize you had a taste for carnage?

Who is the most wholesome karen?

What are the benefits and troubles of weed?


What is the best food at 20 CEST?

Who was the most toxic person you ever knew? How did you deal with their presence?

I was at my neighbors house talking to his cats and he noticed my make-believe smartphone and said "You're more