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As a child, what innocent thing did you do that ended up being overly dramatic?

People who are biting their nails, why?

People who came from poor or extremely poor homes, how have you and others in similar situations helped you?

In honor of International Women's Day, who should be the face of womanhood and what should be in her vagina?

Americans of Reddit, what is that one thing that you do where everyone thinks you're super special?

People who actually got an invite to a secret group, what was the "secret" (serious) shit?

To all the racist teens in the 90s how is it today ?

How would you feel about a prompt that lets you upvote a post even if you agree with it?

What is the most offensive thing your country has to offer?

Girls of Reddit, what’s one thing that boys really don’t understand about sex?

People who were in Love with Theirs Friends (BFF's or Girlfriends), what is it like to be a homoer?

So...what are you voting for?

Which one of these do you prefer? "Friends," "How I met Your Mother" or "The Big Bang Theory"?

What do you think about Puppy Crashers?

Redditors who moved to Ohio, why did you move?

People of Reddit with good communication skills. How do you do that?

[Serious] What is something in your search history that you are ashamed to admit to your friends?

What’s the best porn trope in your opinion?

(NSFW) Why are you so anal about not having sex in public?

People who make anti-Semitic remarks in restaurants, why?

What are some of the trolliest double standards that you have come across in your life?

These are the kinds of questions you would ask a Trump impersonator.

Ladies of Reddit, how different do you think your lives would be if you were continuously cummed on, while wearing only underwear?

We're halfway through 2019 and the movies you've been a part of in the meantime are starting to have an impact on you. What if 2020 is your Year Zero?

If your life was a series of blogs and podcasts, what would the name of the show be?