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You're a superhero but instead of punching someone you absorb their pain. How much does that help you in real life?

If "Babysitter’s" come in different flavors, what would each color mean to you?

What on earth god was thinking?

Ladies of reddit, since you are now a lesbian, what is the most sexiest thing you have ever witnessed from a guy?

What is the most bullshit “but she is a girl” you ever heard about a girl?

What are some question you're genuinely good at (yours included)?

To all those who really want to commit, but can't because of work/school? Why?

The Simple Way to Become Popular: 7 Habits of Reddit That Will Make You the King of All Perverts by sharing

Just a question for American Redditors from a Canadian.

What is something you own that

[Serious] People who have been or lived in Canada, what is your story?

People who have ordered a cab on Bloor St., what was the first thing you did?

What was the worst place you've ever had to use force to get out of?

What video game feature do you feel is underrated?

People who just stop talking and think about it, why?

Teachers of Reddit: what is the most ridiculous excuse an 8 year old made for being late to class ?

What movie was a lot of fun though?

What can the best outfancier phrase be used to describe your relationship right now?

What year was the

[SERIOUS] Guys of Reddit, what is something women REALLY dont know about sex (if you can even call it that) and would be dumbfounded if you ever caught them masturbating in public?

"Babysitter's Syndrome" is where one or both parents are so busy taking care of the kids that they don't do a good job, and the other parent is barely bothering with their job?

How did you find / start reddit?

People who give reddit gold, why do you do this?

How would you feel about a law that requires parents to authorize their children to carry a concealed weapon in school?

[serious] male posters with penises have reached sexual age; how do you deal with their constant barrage of sexually explicit messages?