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How would you tell the difference between the CEO of one of your competitors and the president of the United States?

How would you feel about a $1 bill that says “This is my dick, baby”?

What is your favorite quote from all time?

How would you feel about a ban on "how would you feel about a ban on "askreddit" questions?"

People of Reddit, what do you have a problem with a god?

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Guys, since it's Femcel 101, how are you feeling about Lean In, The Feminist Majority, and #metoo?

I just recently moved out and really don't have a home anymore, what is the biggest thing I've missed?

People who have attended funerals or were involved in any way, how is it different than being a funeral?

Would you have sex with the same gender option along with a friend? Why or why not?

Daughters of Reddit, what was your reaction when your father (now ex) showed you his dick?

What is an acceptable form

How would you feel about a world where cops are weak and civilians are strong?

Ladies of Reddit who have been raped by a sexual predator, what was said and done?

What is something that was meant to be in a movie, but ended up being in a book?

When did a photo or video make a huge impression on you?

What's the best kind of question to

The Pokémon GO simulator game is completely free, and offers hundreds of items to collect. What are you going to do?

What do you think of family?

Which is better, The Sixth Sense or The Big Bang Theory?

People who were in jail, what’s the best thing about it?

The last thing you Googled is cum dumpster fire, what is the nearest you found to an identical but slightly modified Facebook post?

What's the strangest thing that turned out to be true?

People who are soooo angry right now.... calm down!

What is a movie you thought would be great before you saw it?