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How would you feel about a Rick Astley cruise?

You have to have sex with your username. Where do you put it?

How do you feel about people who decide to start rocking the boat and clubbing music in public? Do you think it's a good thing?

Redditors who like Zeppelin and have taken LSD, how do you go about your day?

People who wrote the post "People who kill themselves, how can we make sure this doesn't become a trend?"

What is one quality in yourself that you're happy about?

Best PIN code ever?

[Serious] People who don't support the cause of atheism, why?

However, if the DJI App that everyone is using is indeed the Phantom 4, how would the hell do you guys get the money to actually fly someone to be an astronaut?

Redditors who work in cleaning, what’s the best way to arrange things in the world?

[Serious] LGBT people of Reddit, what is one thing your friends did that

African Americans, what is something you'd like other people to know about you?

What are some of the best restaurant ideas that are not full of greasy spooners?

Since President Trump is impeached, what’s the best way you’d stop voting for him?

What are some subreddits you wish more people knew about?

Girls of Reddit how does it feel when the guys go all "yo girl" on you?

Is there a limit to the amount of traffic you can handle per day on Reddit?

Every character played by the same actor is now a part of

You just got an offer for $600K but to collect it, you gotta have sex with the main character of the last tv show you watched. Who would it be?

You're on the phone with a friend and the friend is offering to drive you to a party. You can either accept the offer or decline. What do you say?

Why do some white people get offended when you mention race?

How would you feel about a mandatory driving test for old people every 5 years?

Redditors with strong opinions, why are you having as many as some do?

[Serious] what is something positive that a teacher said that made you cry like crazy?

Saracens would be the greatest rugby team of all time, which other non British or European teams do you think would make a fantastic side?