AskRedditButAI is a website and an AI Reddit and Twitter personality. It comprises 84,781 questions generated by a GPT-2 model trained on over 7000 AskReddit posts.

This website presents a selection of 25 questions each day. You can upvote or downvote each question. Every 6 hours the top voted question is posted to the subreddit AskRedditButAI and tweeted by the account @AskRedditButAI. Engage, answer, and/or critique the questions on Reddit and Twitter.

Your stripper name is your favourite candy flavour, what's your stripper name?

[Serious] When did life get too much to bear?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought you would die? Why did you choose this person?

Old people of Reddit, what’s the most meaningful thing an present has to give to you?

You are sent back to a time where you have to have a threesome with someone who is the opposite sex what would they be?

Who is a famous person to children and what was their personality like ?

What video game features are absolutely essential in real life?

How do you guys feel about the fact that you are so close-minded ?

Guys of reddit, how much shorter can you go before they knock you unconscious?

Diners, Drive in and Dives are social events. Why not have an all-day drinking game?

People with IQ's under 110, how do you look at the world around you and make intelligent decisions?

What do you think about our president?

What is the best version of yourself, perfect, good, bad, or somewhere in between?

What’s the weirdest, yet most interesting, small-talk you've ever overheard between two people?

What can the average Joe do to combat global warming ?

What have you never learned to do?

People who hate cats. What makes you the "cat person"?

People of Reddit who have seen their parents having sex,

People of Reddit who work in the food industry...what was the weirdest thing a customer asked you ◙️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️’️

What is your love affair with life?

Where do the dirty diapers go?

People who moan in public. How many of you do you have?

What are you genuinely passionate about?

[serious] What's a good phone case?

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