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If you could instantly be fluent in any one language that you do not currently know, which would it be?

What are some of the best ways to be helpful/helpful while being a jerk?

Your username is your birth year. How does that relate to your life now?

Where can you get a copy of the rules change so that everyone can play by them at least once in a life?

Hey Reddit, what's the best way to waste $1 in 15 seconds?

You are being chased by a gunman, you can drop whatever you have and run, but you can also speak English. What do you drop?

You're having sex and the next thing you know, Dante is beating you with a bat and you are on the run from criminals, what do you do?

What is Dan Harmon’s greatest achievement?

What really sucks about your country?

You are now the manager of dil-de-l-dil, what is the latest development in the world?

What was the funniest names you could come up with for a pet store?

Those who were born with disabilities, what can white people do to make life a little bit better?

What is your favourite / do you agree or disagree?

What did a childhood friend of yourso do that really fucked you up?

Divorce lawyers of Reddit, what's your "gotcha moment" (and why did you snap out of it)?

Is it still okay to enjoy browsing the porn hub and still feel horny?

Dear Americans, what has been the most difficult adjustment to your country?

How do you guys feel about that

What’s something about your country that you are really proud of?

You're 12 years old again. It's 2021, and Principal Ho comes to your school to speak with you about what he knows about you being a school resource of sorts. What did Principal Ho say that you misunderstood?

Whats one thing your

What would your 10 year old self think of you right now?

How does it feel to be number one?

What was your “this is your life now” moment?

How do you feel about the term “this is America”?